Divya Jyoti College of Dental Sciences and Research, the pioneer amongst the other colleges comprising the DJ universe, has surged ahead in the past decade and a half, creating a unique position for itself in the field of Dental Education and Dental Care. As the Principal of the esteemed institute, it is a matter of pride for me to see the various laurels achieved by our students at national and international forums. We value and institutionalize “excellence” through an educational system which aims to not just meet the threshold requirements but to help develop student skill levels and infuse an open and participative teaching-learning process with renewed focus on continuous performance improvement.

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We regularly send students for paper and poster presentations. We have presented a total of 539 papers and 140 posters at the national/international level with great success, winning more than 100 awards.

Our extra-curricular strength stems from our integrated campus of 60 acres. The campus has various facilities such as a supporting 300 bedded hospital, complete Wi-Fi coverage, and in-house residential facilities.

When our students need to unwind from academia, we also have various sports facilities such as a dedicated cricket and football field, badminton and volleyball courts, and table tennis.