Pedodontics & Preventive-Dentistry

The Department of Pedodontics & Preventive-Dentistry

Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry is an age defined specialty that provides both primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs.

The department is committed to consider the child's feelings, to gain the child's confidence and co-operation to perform the treatment in a kind and sympapathetic manner and to be focused not only on the treatment currently required but also promoting the child's future dental health by stimulating the attitude and behavior regarding dental care.

Department Objective

Diagnosis and medical management of the patient with complex medical disorders involving the oral mucosa, salivary glands, orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders.

Awards & Achievements

1. Dr. Navpreet Kaur- 3rd prize in Regain The Loss in Impression 2016
2. Dr. Shazia Shafat- Best Paper Award in Impression 2016
3. Dr. Shazia Shafat- Best Poster Award IDA north zone conference 2016
4. Dr. Rohan Chaudhary- Best Poster Award in 36th ISPPD Convention, Raipur, 2016
5. Dr. Navpreet Kaur- Best Poster Award in 36th ISPPD Convention, Raipur, 2016
6. Guident Dentall Academy Excellence- Best Department Award 2015
7. Dr. Sameksha Arora- Best Poster Award in IDA Colgate Conference, 2014
8. Dr. Akanksha Mishra- Best Poster Award in 36th ISPPD Conference, Lucknow, 2014
8. Dr. Abhishek Anand- Best Poster Award in 36th ISPPD Conference, Lucknow, 2014
10. Dr. Vanika Arora- Best Paper Award in 35th ISPPD Conference, Jaipur, 2013
11. Dr. Gurleen Kaur- Best Paper Award in 35th ISPPD Conference, Jaipur, 2013
12. Dr. Mayank Sharma- Best Paper Award IDA State Conference Meerut, 2011
13. Dr. Deepti Jawa Singh-Best Paper Award ISPPD Conference, 2008
14. Dr. Deepti Jawa Singh-Best Poster Award ISPPD Conference, 2007
15. Dr. Shazia Shafat- 1st Prize in Smile Painting Competition


Each of our departments has published international, nationally indexed, and national publications as well as departmental books.

International Publications 06
Nationally Indexed Publications 65
National Publications 89
Book Publications 07
Cases treated per year on an average 4200


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The unique selling point of DJCDSR is its top rate faculty who put in so much effort in teaching that learning becomes effortless. Highly qualified, passionate and involved staff make the learning process here worth a while.

Dr. Gurnoor Dutt

Since the first time I visited DJCDSR campus, I have experienced a vibe of energy and enthusiasm. Alongside quality education, this place has all that one could think of on a student bucket list. I feel my student years could never have been complete without the experiences.

Dr. Simran Mundi

Four years at DJCDSR have been enriching in ways more than I can summarise on a list.It has given me numerous opportunities and platforms to apply most part of the dental education imparted through a 360 degree exposure methodology.

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