The campus has a well stocked, multi-layered library with a modern collection of knowledge resources and innovative information services to fulfill the needs of the students, faculty members and the surrounding community in their intellectual pursuits. A need based collection of knowledge resources is aligned to the vision and mission of the School. It includes resources like books predominantly related to management and allied subjects, social issues, autobiographies, encyclopedias, journals, educational videos etc.

Library has a well-maintained Digital Library with on-line connectivity of twenty terminals. It is very useful for information seekers. The digital library has needful collection of CD-ROM, e-Journals, on-line Journals. The digital library also has twenty computers in digital sections of various departments and all are connected through LAN systems.

Circulation Service

Issue and return of books are provided from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. There is no issue and return on Sunday/holiday. However, reference books for reading in library are issued and returned throughoutthe working hours.

Reference service

Reference service, both short range service and long range service are provided as and when required /recommended.


The Dental college has 2 academic in-house journals, as well as quarterly publications run by students. These will soon be available for access through a centralized student portal, for a sample journal article written by a student of our college click below.